Natural gas is now the most important energy source in Hungary. In meeting the winter peak demand, and in establishing and maintaining the security of gas supply, underground storage sites play a major role. On any colder winter day, most of the country’s gas supply comes from these facilities. Being the largest commercial natural gas storage company in Hungary, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd operates, maintains and continuously develops four underground gas storage facilities, with a total gas storage capacity of 4.43 billion m3 and a total daily withdrawal capacity of 53.6 million m3. With these figures, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd is the largest storage provider in Central and Eastern Europe.  It is a major objective for the company to operate with a high level of excellence to ensure smooth winter gas supply in Hungary.

Auction Announcement Notice – 2020/3

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (hereinafter referred to as MFGT) on this day announces an auction for booking available storage capacities for the storage year 2020/21. The capacity auction is carried out by MFGT in line with the Storage Capacity Auction Regulation II/B document as per Annex No. 1.



We hereby inform our Customers that a press release was published today on the website of GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) on the operation of gas storage sites amid the pandemic situation, including a statement from László Fritsch, our Company’s Chairman-CEO and President of GSE.


MFGT Interruptible Injection and Withdrawal Capacity Service Offer

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (MFGT) issues today a call for tenders for booking interruptible injection and withdrawal storage capacities for the storage year 2020/2021.


Offer Announcement on Using “Express Services” for Storage Year 2021/2022

Any system user (“System User”) that is exclusively subject to Act No. XL of 2008 on natural gas supply (Gas Act) and the related Government Decree No. 19/2009 (I.30.) on the implementation of Act No. XL. of 2008 on natural gas supply (Implementation Decree), and has pursuant to a contract concluded with MFGT a storage capacity booking (including: injection capacity – working gas capacity – withdrawal capacity, hereinafter: Capacity Booking Contract) for storage year 2021/2022 on the day of this announcement or during the storage year 2021/2022 shall be entitled for each 1 000 000 kWh working gas capacity booking, upon the payment of the budget limit fee of 84,400 HUF + VAT to use the services specified in the “Express Services” to be used against the Budget Limit, with fees” chapter, in the period between 01 April 2021 and 31 March 2022.