Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. aims at achieving their goals in cooperation with the stakeholders, considering their interests. Due to the activities of the company, there are significantly more indirect stakeholders than direct, while the influence exercised on the indirect stakeholder circle is extensive.
The company is a key market participant: Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. is the largest natural gas storage company in Hungary and we are in a leading position in the liberalized natural gas market. This attributes responsibility to our company, and we play a key role in the secure energy supply of Hungary. However, since the energy and natural gas market is highly regulated, we have only a limited range of possibilities in many issues.
The dialogue between our company and the stakeholders is determined by the interests and the importance of the stakeholders, and also by the influence we exercise on them. We try to establish a two way communication at all times, as by thinking together, we could open the prospect for development and for finding ideal solutions. In addition, we adjust the formal and informal channels to the given.