Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. takes pride in being a company whose operations are based on the principles of fair competition, strict compliance with legal regulations, and respect for the individual. The keys to the Company’s success and its good reputation, both within and without Hungary, are the knowledge, experience and talents of its employees, along with their adherence to the values of the Company.
A relationship of trust with our business partners (customers, suppliers, service providers, etc.) and with the relevant governmental bodies and supervisory authorities can only be maintained in the long run through the personal commitment of each employee, who all display excellent performance and a high standard of personal integrity.
The creation of this Code of Conduct demonstrates that our Company adopts and promotes the moral values and principles which facilitate strengthening and improving interpersonal relationships, performing our job to the best of our abilities, attaining our shared goals, and preserving and enhancing our traditions and good reputation along with our professional and organisational integrity.